Your iOS device is alerting you that you do not have enough iCloud storage to backup all the selected data on your device. To resolve this issue: 
  • You can deselect items from backing up to iCloud like photos 
  • You can purchase more iCloud storage with a monthly fee
  • You can back up your device to your Mac using iTunes
This issue can stem from multiple sources; hardware or software.
To accurately determine the cause it is best to bring the device in for a free diagnostic at our front desk at either the Beachside or Viera location.
Apple provides you with 5GB. You can purchase more, if or when needed.
This situation is most likely from using the same Apple I.D. on multiple devices that do not belong to 1 person. When the same Apple I.D. is used on multiple devices they are synced together and will link all messages and photos between devices.
Malware is malicious software that YOU have to download and install. It its not installed without the users input though it may be unintentional. Malware can cause performance issues and can even allow a 3rd party to steal personal information thats saved on your computer. If you suspect that your device may have malware. It’s recommended that you bring in the device for a free diagnostics at one of our locations.